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Application Template
« on: April 30, 2009, 12:46:39 »
If you have come this far, it means you have read and understood >>this<< thread. If you don't understand what that means, take a step back and try again. Note that this is an application where you have to show yourself from your best side. We will get a first impression, and also the way your application is written will give us a clue about how you are as a person, and as a WoW player.

That means that you should give it some work. We aren't really interested in applications that took 2 minutes to write. Neither are we impressed by grammar and spelling mistakes, a ton of smileys, or stupid words like m8, lol behind every other word, or just !!!! and ???
Show us that you are mature. You have to be above the age of 18 to apply, and you should act that way. Give this some time, spellcheck and read through the application a couple of times before posting it, then sit back and wait for an answer. Remember also to log out in PvE gear, this is important.

Copy/paste and fill in the info below in a new topic and don't forget bolds, pictures and colors if needed.
Your topic title should be like this: Lunaire - Balance Druid, and start with X-Realm if that's the case.

Real Life
Particular Hobbies?:

Your Character
Professions, write down all 5, including your skill level:
Armory profile:
Total time played on this character (type /played in-game):

Aeternus raids from 20:00-23:00 Wednesday and Thursday.  Missing a raid on a few occasions is not a problem, but If you aren't able to dedicate these 2 days to raiding on a normal basis, don't apply.
How often are you likely to miss a raid?
How much warning would you be able to give?

Other main characters you raided with?
Which raids/bosses did you do in Vanilla?
Which raids/bosses did you do during TBC, before and after patch 3.0.2?
Which raids/bosses did you do during WOTLK (Normals/heroics)?
Which raids/bosses did you do during Cataclysm ?
What is your current progress in Mists of Pandaria ?

Note that it is important that you separate Normal and Heroic boss kills you've participated on, and bosses you have tried but not killed.

What is your current, or most recent guild and what are your reasons for leaving them?

Recent Combat Log (WoL/WWS) - is a plus:
If your guild doesn't use any logs site, provide us with detailed recount screenshots of boss encounters or a 5 mins dummy rotation.
Why have you speced the way you have?
What rotation(s) do you use?
Any specific macros?
Screenshot of your UI (elaborate if you wish):

What do you like most in WoW?
What is your motivation to raid?
How do you see yourself improving in the future?

Technical Info
How often do you have disconnections?
Do you have Ventrilo installed and working?
Do you have a working microphone and do you use it?
Do you have an Authenticator?

Final Words
Why are you interested in Aeternus amongst all the guilds out there?
Why should we pick you?
What contributions can you make, both during raids and for the guild in general?
Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?
Who can we ask if we need to get information about you ?
Be sure it's okay for us to contact these people
Are there any future events that may have an impact on your playtime or raid availability?

Last but not least, please do not harass any of Aeternus' members or officers about your application's status, we will look into it as soon as we can. For any other question, feel fee to contact us or post in your application.
If you have not received any update after 7 days, contact one of the Officers mentioned in >>This<< thread
If we don't contact you, it means we're most likely not interested in your application for the time being.
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