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A big Thank You to everyone who has been part of this kill, especially those who participated in many tries and couldn't be here for the final blow.
Congratulations to Mcitra to get the first Invincible.
A special mention to Jamwarden and Tyos who converted a 1% wipe into a kill, the former for being the only one to survive the last Harvest Souls and the latter for ankhing before Jam died and dpsing the last 200 000 necessary so LK would cast Fury of Frostmourne. Very clean kill, as you can see :D

Halion next.

Edit 06 / 09 / 10 : Halion 25 HM down, game over !
A proper news to come when I'm back from my work trip. (You couldn't have waited for me heh ! :P gz guys !)

PS : Still looking for raiders to perfect the Cataclym setup, check left panel for needs, but if you feel you're exceptionnal don't hesitate to apply anyway :-)
We finally managed to kill some val'kyrs and avoid some defiles, and that resulted in the death of a quite well-known deathknight.

A few things to say about this picture :
  • first ,  as you can see top right, two weeks ago we chilled a frost wyrm named Sindragosa in the process. Not much to say about her, a Sapphiron-like fight which was for us the easiest of the three endwing bosses to learn (and the hardest to rekill, go figure)
  • As a result of the Sindragosa kill, our beloved draenei paladin Domm is now gathering the fifty [Shadowfrost Shards] necessary to craft [Shadowmourne]. We wish him the best of luck, especially after the multiple bugs he had to face on the Sindragosa step of the questchain.
  • Third, you may ask yourself  why I splitted the sentence in two : the reason is simple, I didn't want to cut the fluffy nose of our beloved bear tank Tumbo :-)
  • And finally, this kill allows us to unlock the hard modes of the encounters in Icecrown Citadel.
About the encounter itself, it's a nice (temporary ?) conclusion to Wrath of the Lich King raiding (besides hard modes, of course). It is definitly a step up in difficulty compared to the previous bosses of ICC, mainly because it has three very different phases, the second being by far the most challenging part of the fight. The RP at the end is quite amazing, and Blizzard awarded us with a nice movie to present the new Lich King, which is...well you can go watch the movie in the middle of Dalaran ^^

As I'm still lazy and I don't want to make a new thread each time we kill a new hardmode, I'll adopt the same system as before, so here is our hardmode progress !

[x] Lord Marrowgar (24 / 02 / 10)
[x] Lady Deathwhisper (31 / 03 / 10)
[x] Gunship Battle (24 / 02 / 10)
[x] Deathbringer Saurfang (10 / 03 / 10)
[x] Festergut (08 / 03 / 10)
[x] Rotface (25 / 02 / 10)
[x] Professor Putricide (12 / 04 / 10)
[x] Blood Princes (28 / 02 / 10)
[x] Blood-Queen Lana'thel (15 / 03 / 10)
[x] Valithria Dreamwalker (11 / 03 / 10)
[x] Sindragosa (05 / 04 / 10)
[x] Lich King (19 / 08 / 10) <= F***ing finally !!!!

And another end wing boss tasted Aeternus will to defeat the Lich King :

It was a quite sucky kill (not many alive at the end to say the least :D) but hey, a kill is a kill, and it feels even better after the 4 (!) 1% wipes we had.
Hopefully more to come in two weeks !
Well I've finally something worth to post as we killed Professor Putricide tonight, on the first reset of tries. We got him to 15% yesterday, had some good theorycrafting going on this afternoon to fix the p3 mess, and down it goes. Congratulations everyone !

As I'm about as lazy as I was when Ulduar was released, I'll use the same system to track our kills !

[x] Lord Marrowgar (09 / 12 / 09)
[x] Lady Deathwhisper (09 / 12 / 09)
[x] Gunship Battle (09 / 12 / 09)
[x] Deathbringer Saurfang (09 / 12 / 09)
[x] Festergut (06 / 01 / 10)
[x] Rotface (06 / 01 / 10)
[x] Professor Putricide (12 / 01 / 10)
[x] Blood Princes (20 / 01 / 10)
[x] Blood-Queen Lana'thel (24 / 01 / 10)
[x] Valithria Dreamwalker (03 / 02 / 10)
[x] Sindragosa (07 / 02 / 10)
[x] Lich King (18 / 02 / 10)

Instance is nice, the reputation goes up nicely and bosses are fun although not so hard (yet) in normal mode. Only thing I don't like is this limited tries mecanic, we'll see how it turns out in the future.
Exactly one month after the kill of the Val'kyr twins, we managed to defeat Anub'arak in 25 men Heroic Mode.

All the Arthas minions are now dead and it's time to prepare for the new challenges that wait for us in the Icecrown Citadel, in order to finally put an end to the Lich King domination.

See you in a few months ! (or well perhaps a bit sooner, we have one leftover in Ulduar that will get all our attention now :-))

Edit : We got A tribute to Mad Skill the 04 / 11 / 09, one shotting everything but .... Faction Champions who wiped us once. Yes, we got owned by The Horde ^^

Edit 2 : We (finally) did Alone in the Darkness the first of december, thus claiming pve content cleared, but for how long...

Edit 3 : We (finally) managed A Tribute to Insanity last night (05 / 01 / 10), so we can now fully focus on ICC, which means I'll have to stop editing this news to make a new one soonish :-(
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