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11 Jul 2014 - We are back (sort of)

A short message to say we are raiding again, in a casual atmosphere (2 days a week, UPDATED : monday and tuesday, with the plan to clear normal mode Siege of Orgrimmar before the release of Warlords of Draenor).

First raids have been promising (first 10 bosses down in 2 weeks, with some people not so well geared and being back for 1 week or so), but we lack players to have a more stable team. In particular, we are searching for a few ranged dps, with an healing offspec as a bonus. So warlocks, hunters, priests, feel free to apply ! One melee dps with a good tank offspec wouldn't hurt, so monks and paladins, you're welcomed too.
And if you're an old member looking for a casual yet skilled raiding team, feel free to pop up, whatever your class / spec is. With WoD flexible will be the new standard, so any number of raiders above 10 will be optimal !

What we can bring you :
- an enjoyable raiding atmosphere with players who have proven to be among the best, but don't have the time / will to play hardcore 8 days a week any more
- enjoayble atmosphere does not mean slacking, we intend to make the maximum of the 2 to 3 days a week we plan to raid
- WoD heroic modes are the goal

What we can't bring you (yet)
- hardcore raiding to be XXX first
- clear each and every instance in heroic
- WoD mythic modes are NOT the goal, unless we can gather 20 reliable skilled people who are fine to raid twice a week

Edit 8 / 9 / 14 : Garrosh 10N down !
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21 Dec 2012 - Aeternus going casual

After a lot of debate and a long time reign over the server in Vanilla, The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King the officers and GM of Aeternus have decided that the guild will cease raiding activities in Mists of Pandaria untill further notice. We'd like to thank everyone who made Aeternus the great guild that it has been over the past years, but keep your eyes open for we might be back someday...

The Spirit Kings rule no more!
Next up: make Elegon see stars.

Recruitment info below:
Aeternus has taken a more casual stance in Mists of Pandaria, offering people two raidnights a week totalling to 6 hours of raiding per week. Our raidnights are currently Wednesday and Tuesday from 20.00-23.00. With this six hour raidschedule we so far have managed to down 4 out of 6 bosses in normal Mogu'shan Vaults in the first two nights of raiding and we are now looking for more people to strengthen our roster and kill bosses in the same casual stance as we are doing now
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