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Title: Read me First !!!
Post by: shanice on October 12, 2006, 14:41:18
last update: 19/11/2012

Aeternus is an alliance guild on EU Dragonblight (PvE). Our focus is building a strong "casual" Raiding core for (heroic)  PvE content in Legion.

Our recruitment is currently open for the classes listed below, and for exceptional cases. We expect excellency from the applicants, which means that wide experience and good knowledge of your character and the game in general is needed. Same goes for good attitude, we are not interested in whiners, but teamplayers.

For further questions about open spots, or just general information about our recruitment, you can contact one of the following officers: Sandrian (kassandri) , Caris (GM, forum username: Waims), Jalhar (Jalhar) a. You can reach these people either in-game or via the PM function on the forum.

README: We might consider recruiting an exellent player or two. This means we are looking for the best of the best, not someone with only moderate raiding experience and average skill level. Knowledge about your class should also be your number one prio. Make sure you know what you are doing, make sure you know all current encounters, and we prefer if you have at least killed all bosses on normal modes.

We are a guild where words are spoken straight forward and directly, where sometimes the so called "whine" takes over /g. Stuff is and can be said in anger and is/was back in the past. If you can't cope with that, don't apply at all. If you are a drama queen, don't apply as that position is already given away to a couple of players. Leaving the guild over drama is in most cases a noway back situation, keep that in mind.

We do our best to ensure everyone can raid and gets a spot. Unfortunately this can't be arranged at all times. It can and will happen that you drop into a rotation system for the one or other instance. If that is nothing for you don't apply. In case you think you deserve a spot over someone else be sure your arguments are good, or better, your skill leaves us no choice but taking you for every raid.

While XR-transfered characters get the same chance for a trial, be sure that you really want that. No warranties are given that we keep you if your performance is sub par only cos you transfered. The risk of a PRT is all yours and if you are unhappy, the next chance to transfer is 1 month away.

Applicants have to be level 110. If you haven't reached level 90 yet, your application won't be considered.

PC, Connection & VoIP
An important issue is that you have a stable and reliable internet connection. It can't be for the good of the guild if a raid group has to wait most of the times due to disconnects. Also ensure that external disturbances which force you to leave a raid or go "/afk" are reduced to a minimum.

All members of Aeternus are required to have access to our Discord Server. Mic isn't required as long as you can listen to the raid leader(s), but of course we welcome talkers as well. Our raiding language is English and you must be able to understand and follow advices given in English. As trialist and possible later member you are supposed to be online on Ventrilo at raiding time. Your computer must be able to handle 25 players on the screen without any issues, lag or disconnects. Don't apply if you can't fulfill this requirement!

Skill, Equipment, Playtime, Alts
Applicants are supposed to be decently equipped. The choice of gear should reflect your knowledge of your class and spec. We expect this gear to be enchanted in the best available/possible way. Don't forget to mention the time played on the character applying. We are not interested in the time you played other characters, alts, twinks and such. You apply with one class and while your alts are welcome to join us as well, you are bound to this class for guild raids.

You wouldn't want to apply to us if you wouldn't be aware what we are: a raiding guild. Our daily raiding times are between 20:00 and 23:00 (Invites from 19 to 19:15 - First pull 20:00 and normal ending 23:00) server time from Monday to Thursday.

Raiders are expected to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance.  You should be able to attend all raids, and should not apply at all if you cannot commit to any raids each reset.

Attunements and Reputation
Having cleared all, or most available content is a great plus seeing our current goal is progress in Heroic modes.[/b]

Consumables and Professions
Raiding requires a lot of preparation. We expect you to have gold for repairs/consumables. We also expect you to bring a lot of consumable that improves your class performance for every raid encounter that requires it. Aeternus is able to craft most desired potions, elixirs and flasks or whatever is needed as long as you bring the mats to the adequate player. Can you keep that flow up for months? It is mandatory that you use a proper flask and food buff for every encounter. If you feel you can't, don't apply to us. The majority of the guild doesn't want to have to perform on 120% to cover your lack of preparation.

We expect you to have maxed your 2 primary professions. First Aid must be capped, and cooking should be high enough to supply yourself with the best food available. If you haven't reached at least 500 yet, you will have time to do so once your trial time starts. Fishing as secondary profession is not required but very welcome. If you don't have your professions at an adequate level (or maxed out on an alt that you have to list in that case), we are definitely not interested in you. Professions aren't only considered a money maker to counter the repair costs, but also a resource for the guild as well.

You are mature and very, very patient. At least 18 years old. Annoying people please look elsewhere. Additionally we expect you to pay attention all the time. We consider this very important as explaining things twice or three times is stealing our time from important tries. Generally spoken we need reliable players. Are you reliable? Or do you tend to do what you want? Don't misunderstand, we don't need robots, but self-centered decisions like going afk at the very wrong time (every minute while you are in our raid, slacking after a wipe in hope for a res) is something our guild has no use for.

Status of trialing
You realize that you should avoid contacting anyone in the guild regarding recruitment. Instead, we will contact you if we are interested. If we don't contact you, it means we're most likely not interested in your application for the time being. This does not mean you should contact us anyway!

Please leave a link to a profile of your character (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/ (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/)) and also the time played on the one character you are applying with. If you want this application to be anonymous, you can pm the required informations to Sandrian (Kassandri on forums),  Caris (Waims on the forums) or Faylane (Sinday on the forums)using our forums PM system.

Good luck
Title: Re: Recruitment Readme First!!
Post by: shanice on October 17, 2006, 16:52:40
Please re-check the requirements twice or even 3 times and be sure you can keep up with it. Not only in the beginning, but also in the future. Nothing is more frustrating than trialing people who recognize they can't keep up, leave after one week and therefore we have to start again from scratch.
Title: Re: Recruitment Readme First!!
Post by: shanice on March 28, 2007, 10:26:17
If you intend to talk to an officer of Aeternus in game avoid using the following terms which reduce your chances significantly (if not close to 0) to ever get a trial with us:

You should have drunken several pitchers with the officers to deserve calling any of us mate/m8.


P.S.: This is not a joke!
Title: Re: Recruitment Readme First!!
Post by: Hieronymus on March 28, 2007, 11:08:39
And try to make full sentences when you talk to us for the first time. We're no Gods, but it surely comes out more intellectually when you actually do make a full sentence. Also, feel free to use the normal curtousy ethics by saying please and introduce yourself (we do the same). The bad examples (all happened this week) are: